What does the admission price include?

Free parking, all Stage Shows, including the Tournament Jousting, Contests, Themed Weekend Events, and entertainment around every bend in Canterbury.

Do you offer discount tickets?

Discount tickets and coupons can be found at various locations. We will update the website as new outlets are added for the season.

Are there special discounts for military service members?

Show your military or veteran’s ID at the box office for a $19.95 adult ticket.

Are two-day Festival Admission passes available?

We offer a 2-pack of adult tickets for $36 in advance ($18 per ticket). These tickets can only be ordered in multiples of two.

I work with a non-profit. How can I raise money or request donations?

Go to this page for information and to fill out a request.

How do I setup a school field trip?

Visit this page for information on school pricing. Homeschoolers and youth organizations are welcome!

Can good students really get in free?

Yes! Our Renaissance Scholars program allows Honors Students to receive one free ticket on any day of the Festival. Just bring documentation to the box office – report cards with As & Bs, high test scores, an honors or dean’s list, anything to show high academic achievement.

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